Welcome to the phpWebDesk website.

phpWebDesk is a project aimed at website administrators, designers, users... you get the idea. Anyway, it's basically a 'translator' that sits between the site and the user, converting, compressing and rewriting the pages dynamically as the user requests them. It can both immediately compress all your downloads and convert all the images to, well, whatever you like.

As you'd exect from a new project, it's not quite up to the above standards. But, with time, it will definitely reach them. In fact, it'll probably go higher.

Anyway, enough enthusiasm. If you want more info (WARNING: technical stuff), or if you want to see it for yourself, you're in the right place. If you want money or illegal goods, then you're not in the right place.

Latest News Items

  • phpWebDesk development halted

    phpWebDesk development has well and truly stopped. I'm keeping this site here for the benefit of whoever, but nothing further will be done unless anyone emails me about it. Meanwhile, try looking at my other project, ByteHoard (http://bytehoard.sf.net), which is doing quite a bit better.

  • phpWebDesk version 0.3 released

    Yes, it's that time of the day again. A new release of phpWebDesk. We may stay on the .3 version number for a while; this is sort of a milestone, if that's possible.

    This new release includes the promised functionality of phpWebDesk; compression, image conversion, and markup conversion. I'm going to be improving these from now on, along with a few other features (translation? maybe yes, maybe going too far...). Please, please, give me some feedback. I need to know what you think, even if you are so shocked you cannot type.

    Anyway, go ahead, download it, try it out. There will probably be a minor update during the week with a few small changes.

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